//Balkan Fashion Week June 5-11th at Nu Boyana Film Studios

Balkan Fashion Week June 5-11th at Nu Boyana Film Studios


The 2nd edition of the BALKAN FASHION WEEK
5 June — 11 June 2017 Sofia (Bulgaria)

Balkan Fashion Week will be held from 5h until 9th June 2017 and ASVOFF9 from 9th until 11th June at Nu Boyana, the biggest film studios from Eastern Europe.
During this 6-day of festival at Nu Boyana Film Studios, over more than 50 artists like young fashion designers and new talents from cinema industry will get the opportunity to show their work to international press, buyers and important people from cinema industry. The program contains fashion shows, static presentations, workshops for emerging talents and a pop-up fashion showroom and store. The 2nd edition will be composed and curated around the theme ‘Fashion Meets Cinema’, reason why fashion icon Diane Pernet chose Balkan Fashion Week for the International Launch of A Shaded View On Fashion Film Festival 9th Edition.

The campaign for this edition was developed in cooperation with The Secret Code Of Fashion, Production Agency from Milan and bulgarian brands like PROVOCATIVE by Gloria Dimitrova, Lilian Edwards, PLIK Luxury Leather Goods, M2V Design, Stoyan Radichev, BANDEROL, Bloom Stars, Friction Code and Flicka Jewelry. The stunning identity FW17/18 campaign ‘’Fashion Meets Cinema’’ for Balkan Fashion Week was shot by Douglas Bassett at Nu Boyana Film Studios in So a, the biggest film studios in Eastern Europe. The idea of the campaign is about women with personality from movies like ‘’Pulp Fiction’’, ‘’Sin City’’ and ‘’Elizabeth, the Golden Age’’. Hair and makeup were done by Valeria Orlando, famous Beauty Director from Milan, Italy, also known by her work with important established brands like Fendi, Versace, Alberta Ferretti and many more.

More information about the participants and programme are on www.balkanfashionweek.eu and www.ashadedviewonfashionfilm.com .


Balkan Fashion Week includes no less than 25 shows for Autumn Winter 2017 season with a strong line-up of both well-known and returning bulgarian brands as well as emerging designers. The entire fashion week kicked off with a grand opening of the pop-up showroom at Nu Boyana Film Studios . The ambition of the organizers is to gather artists from around the world in Bulgaria, a country not yet known as a fashion destination.

The theme is “Fashion meets cinema” and Nu Boyana Film Studios is the gracious host and partner of the event. The event would not have been possible without the support of Nu Boyana Film Studios.

Starting June 5 – 11th Nu Boyana will become the largest “Fashion City” in Eastern Europe. With the educated eye of international industry professionals designers and film directors will have the opportunity to showcase their work during Balkan Fashion Week.
Balkan Fashion Week will be held from 5h until 9th June 2017 and ASVOFF9 from 9th until 11th June at Nu Boyana, the biggest film studios from Eastern Europe. With an approximate area of 30 hectares. Nu Boyana Film Studios are owned by one of the longest-running independent film companies in Hollywood, Nu Image and Millennium Films , and over the years they’ve serviced hundreds of feature films, including big-budget movies like Criminal,The Expendables 1, 2 and 3, London Has Fallen, 300: The The Rise Of An Empire, The Black Dahlia, Killing Season, Conan, The Way Back and Kon-Tiki.

The aim of the fashion platform is to create and establish lasting conditions for long term collaboration between East and West Europe. Over six-days, starting with 5th of June, more than 100 films will be screened at ASVOFF, the world’s first film festival dedicated to fashion, style and beauty. At the same time, more than 25 fashion shows and fashion installations will be showcased in the sound stages replicas like New York Streets, London Streets, Cuba, Arabian Streets of Nu Boyana Film Studios. During the event will be held workshops and fashion talks about fashion buying with Tania Mazzoleni, co-founder of MAD Zone Store Milano, visual merchandising with Jolita Manolova, Styling Professor at one of the most famous fashion universities from Milan, management and marketing strategies for emerging talents with Myra Postolache, Fashion Scout New Talents.

International journalists from Vogue Italia Magazine, The LA Fashion, Fashion News Live, GQ Italia, FNL Network Los Angeles, NOW FASHION, Le Fashion Post from Paris and international buyers from MAD Zone Milan, Espace Monochrome from Monaco, Temporary Showroom from Berlin and many more will come to So a to meet our international creative talents. Balkan Fashion Week will support the young talents of New Bulgarian University and National Academy of Arts from Sofia and new and established designers from Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece and other countries from Eastern Europe.

Our Special Guest, Abed Mahfouz will come to Sofia for Balkan Fashion Week after several years showing in Rome and New York City, to show his Spring Summer 2017 Haute Couture collection in St. Paul Cathedral Set at Nu Boyana Film Studios.

Born in 1956, Fashion designer Abed Mahfouz was raised in the arms of a modest family in Lebanon. Being surrounded with all what is takes to become a designer – fabrics, threads, scissors and foremost family members that work in tailoring, Mahfouz decided to enter the enticing world of fashion. After joining his older sister in designing and making evening gowns, Mahfouz recognized his true fervor for fashion, in which, led to the birth of the Abed Mahfouz brand. Mahfouz commenced his career with solely designing intricate and re ned bridal gowns for the in vogue and graceful woman. In 2001, after the success of “Al-Halimah” – meaning “The Dreamer” – his very first private wedding collection; Mahfouz moved on and joined the world of Couture. In 2002, Abed Mahfouz showcased his first Couture collection during Fashion Week in Rome, “Alta Roma”. Mahfouz was one of the first Lebanese designers to join Alta Roma, and continues to showcase his Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter Couture collections there. Due to his true compassion for the city of Rome, Abed Mahfouz showcased his Couture collections in some of the city’s marvelous landmarks – Villa Borghese, Arco Di Constantino and the Santo Spirito. In 2009, Abed Mahfouz added a new addition to his brand – a luxurious evening ready-to-wear line designed to savor his woman with a new taste for the brand. The ready-to-wear collection was launched during New York Fashion Week, a thriving product that continues to receive international coverage and recognition. He takes us back to a time of opulent femininity with hand-made fabrics for the SS17 Haute Couture collection.

Marianna Miceli , Co-Founder of the MAD MOOD Fashion Talent Competition, from Milan, Italy will attend Balkan Fashion Week and represents a fantastic occasion for young designers of Balkan Fashion Week to liberate their creativity because they will get the opportunity to be part of the MAD MOOD competition in September 2017, during Milan Fashion Week .
Balkan Fashion Week collaborates for this edition with an international creative team composed of highly trained and experienced people like Jolita Manolova Styling Professor at one of the most famous fashion universities from Milan, Valeria Orlando Beauty Director, Geta Marin Hair Stylist and Douglas Bassett Photographer.

For the 9th edition of A Shaded View on Fashion Film [ASVOFF], founder and director of the festival Diane Pernet has invited her prestigious guests to ‘the Hollywood of the Balkans’, Nu Boyana Film Studios in Sofia, Bulgaria. Guests will be arriving from New York City, Los Angeles, Beijing, London, Berlin, Barcelona and of course, Paris. ASVOFF9 introduces the first wearable technology fashionfilm competition curated by Alex Murray-Leslie aka Chicks on Speed. Over three-days, more than 100 films will be screened at ASVOFF, the world’s first film festival dedicated to fashion, style and beauty. Emerging talents and established names form a fascinating kaleidoscope of styles, genres and narrations, to present an ever-richer and diverse interpretation of fashion film at this edition of ASVOFF. Ten prizes will be on offer: the Grand Prize, Best Art Direction, Best Actor, Best Styling, Best Sound Design, Beauty Prize, Best Editing, Emerging Talent, Jury Prize and the first Wearable Technology Fashion Film competition, curated by Alex Murray-Leslie.


Press Office Contacts
Teodora Guergova
Mobile: +35 988 779 6059
E-mail: guergova@balkanfashionweek.eu
The Secret Code of Fashion, Milan, Italy
Mobile : +39 346 356 1061
E-mail: thesecretcodeoffashion@gmail.com
Website: www.balkanfashionweek.eu | www.ashadedviewonfashionfilm.com

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