//Balkan Fashion Week – FASHION MEETS CINEMA

Balkan Fashion Week – FASHION MEETS CINEMA

5 June — 11 June 2017 Sofia (Bulgaria)
BalkanFashionWeek is over!

An unforgettable week, an incredible team, moments of joy, sharing, maximum attention have allowed me and V)OR Make Up to work at the very highest levels!
31 Designers followed with love, dedication and competence, are in the order of departure from June 5th to 9th:

19:30 – Artistic Installation NUDE (Greece), London Street Nude Luxury Bags by Weird Authentic People from #Greece #BalkanFW

20:30 – Individual Show Totally Erected (Bulgaria), London Street Erectedstore.com

20:45 – Individual Show Errors of Youth (France), London Street

6 June 2017 (TUESDAY)

18:00 – Fashion Installation M2V (Bulgaria), Castle @madetobeviewed

18:45 – Artistic Installation 8IGB Community Clothing (France), Saint Paul Cathedral

19:30 – Runways, Saint Paul Cathedral

AVP by Krasimira An (Bulgaria)

DIG Athens (Bulgaria)

Enigma (Bulgaria)

Maria Queen Maria (Bulgaria)

YANN (Bulgaria)

20:30 – Artistic Installation Lilian Edwards (Bulgaria), Saint Paul Cathedral

7 June 2017 (WEDNESDAY)

18:30 – Artistic Installation Madame Demode (Croatia), Castle

19:30 – Runways, American Village AVENEW (Greece) – Runway – Balkan FW Day 3
Avenew by Weird Authentic People #Greece

National Academy of Arts (Bulgaria) – Runway – Balkan FW Day 3

New Bulgarian University (Bulgaria) – Runway – Balkan FW Day 3

LAS ZEBRAS (Greece) – Backstage – Balkan FW Day 3

20:10 – Individual Show LUCY (Bulgaria), American Village – Individual Show – Balkan FW Day 3

8 June 2017 (THURSDAY)

18:30 – Fashion Installation Ivanka Hristova & Radina’s Flowers (Bulgaria), Cuba – Runway – Balkan FW Day 4

19:30 – Runways, Cuba Boryana Petrova (Bulgaria) – Runway – Balkan FW Day 4

Catch Michelle (UK) – Runway – Balkan FW Day 4

Diacheli (Bulgaria) – Runway – Balkan FW Day 4

Penelope Ralli (Greece) – Runway – Balkan FW Day 4

20:30 – Individual Show CK Fashion Studio (Bulgaria), Cuba – Runway – Balkan FW Day 4

9 June 2017 (FRIDAY)

18:00 – Fashion Installation Yana Konjagulova (Bulgaria), Rome – Runway – Balkan FW Day 5

19:00 – Runways, Rome ATHENA by Tranoulis (Greece)  – Runway – Balkan FW Day 5

Banderol (Bulgaria)

Bogomil (Bulgaria) – Runway – Balkan FW Day 5

MP Design by Megi Petkova (Bulgaria) – Runway – Balkan FW Day 5

Provocative & Plik (Bulgaria) – Balkan Fashion Week

20:00 – Fashion Installation Nefelia (Greece), Rome – Artistic Installation – Balkan FW Day 5

21:00 – Individual show of Abed Mahfouz (Lebanon), Rome – Special Guest of BALKAN FASHION WEEK

V)OR Make Up International Team of Balkan Fashion Week:

V)OR Ambassador:

Monica Guidi, Monica Boccuni, Ilaria Matarazzo, Glamary

Monica Guidi, Ilaria Matarazzo, Monica Boccuni

V)OR Student:

Massimo Leotta, Marta Calegari, Elisa Cristaldi, Isabella di Pasquale, Alessia Sbaraglia, Sara Esposito.

Glamary, Massimo Leotta, Marta Calegary

Alessia Sbaraglia, Isabella di Pasquale

Elisa Cristaldi, Sara Esposito

10 great people, great skill and talent, heart and passion, commitment and altruism were the skills developed to accomplish this event.
V)OR Team is expanding, the team enters the team visibly attracted by the joy of being together, the ability to expand their knowledge and enrich their curriculum with international events that our Valeria Orlando constantly produces!
In a single word GIVE LOVE FIRST!

Thanks to:

Maria Koleva, Teodora Gurgova, Elena Alexy, Mila Zaharieva e Kristina Dimitrova , (Co-founders to Balkan Fashion Week)

Jolita Manolova – ART DIRECTOR

Hairstylist: Geta Marin, Luben Nikolov


Photographers and press:
@FashionNewsLive @AnciraAdeon Ph
@DouglasBassett Ph @GabrieleDiMartino Ph @BorislavZhuykov Ph
@FedericaSasso Ph @NUBOYANAFILMSTUDIOS – Location

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