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Love and passion are inalienable prerogatives for those who see beauty not as absolute value, but as a spiritual vision. V)OR Make Up, as well as the whole world around her founder, is born to allow anyone to express their own concept of beauty.
For a makeup artist catching this concept should be ordinary, even not linking it to youtube and social standard and trends. Everyday, every woman has the right to feel unique, showing emotions and moods through their look.

If on the one hand there is a product designed to be ethically close to all women, on the other hand V)OR Make Up represents the training excellence. An academic course that doesn’t everlook anything that a professional needs to go deep, and is a backstage and fashion editorial pass.


The whole V)OR Make Up, populous of passionate talents, is a family too, and as such, the human relationship comes first of all. Every workshop, event or catwalk merges satisfaction of seeing a pure art work accomplished with the emotion of living it. This last is a value that should never be underrated, especially in the social era with cosmetic holdings and academy redundancy.

V)OR Make Up projects & dreams come true

Professional Make Up Brand
Italian Academy of makeup in franchising around the world
Makeup Agency

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