//Social Media Network Workshop

Social Media Network Workshop

social media network workshop: iscriviti.



Teacher: Gabriele Di Martino – Photographer

Day:  2018, May 27th

Time: 10.00 / 19.00

Location: Erreci Studios, Via di Sant’Eusebio, 26

How to grow your Instagram profile and keep its quality high?

How to create a professional email address?

How to increase the number of followers on our website?


1 – Social media, which are the reference ones (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest …)

2 – References to numbers, growth and social connections over the years

3 – Purpose and usefulness in the use of various social media

4 – Why it is important to use them together and with “cunning”

5 – How to structure a good social profile, especially on Instagram

6 – Instagram, social for images but also an exchange and contact platform

7 – What is and how the hashtag works: public and target

8 – Self-image on the social: how to build a good profile

9 – Analysis of the profiles of the workshop participants


Today social networks are an important means to achieve considerable goals. Increasing your visibility and speeding up the dissemination of information is essential! We need to focus on diversified and good quality content. You must be original, you can not trace what has already been done by others. We need to cultivate what fascinates us, letting it grow, develop and extend to other parallel areas.

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The course costs € 149.90

but for the first 10 registered only € 99.90.

The next 10 will pay € 129.90.

The remaining, full price € 149,90.


Sign up by sending an email to info@vormakeup.com

or directly

Bank Transfer to:

Cariparma Credit Agricole

Valeria Orlando

Iban: IT89O0623003295000040158214



May, Sunday 27th 10:00/19:00

Erreci Studios -Via di Sant’Eusebio 26-Milano.


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