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Do you want to become a V)OR Ambassador?

Discover how this privilege can help you to make your dreams come true:
start your business as a V)OR Make-Up retailer or as a V)OR Academy teacher.

Join the V)OR Make-Up Family and #givelovefirst.

To be a V)OR Ambassador retailer we demand to:

  1. Purchase the V)OR Pyramid, the tool to get to know the make-up line and to use on your clients for a focus sale;
  2. Be a Make-Up Artist with qualification or be part of our training Academy courses to achieve the diploma;
  3. Be already the owner of your make-up studio or store where your services take place;
  4. Take part in free V)OR classes for teachers;
  5. Have a VAT number licensed for retail.


To open a V)OR Academy we demand to:

  1. Purchase the V)OR Pyramid, the tool to get to know the make-up line and to make it available for students;
  2. Be a teacher with at least 2 years of experience;
  3. Be the owner of the place where classes take places;
  4. Take part in free V)OR classes for teachers.

N.B. Set of forms and agreements are provided and managed by V)OR Make-Up. Legal and financial responsability will be analyzed individually.

Would you like to join a team of persons having the same passion and values? Are you a teacher for a make-up school but you’re not satisfied of your position? Do you feel that your “add-value” has not been taken into consideration?
Are you a make-up artist who already teaches autonomously? Would you like to increase your business managing an exclusive retail in your area? Do you want to be supported in your district by a company who strongly believes in family values?

It’s your time!
Grow up with us!

V)OR Academy project is aimed exclusively to professional make-up artists and beauticians who want to increase their business. V)OR Make-Up is looking for professional figures to engage for public retail and teaching activities, making them V)OR Ambassadors, namely responsible for retail, training or both according to their capabilities, experiences and willingness, totally joining V)OR by Valeria Orlando philosophy and programs.

Send an email to info@vormakeup.com and we help you to realize your dream.

Details to better understand what V)OR Academy offers for teachers and student below:


The V)OR Academy consists of 5 courses:

– Base 1;
– Base 2;
– Beauty;
– Wedding;
– Fashion.

The first 4 courses are held by V)OR Ambassadors, trained directly by Valeria Orlando and recognize to the students a certificate of participation to each course.
The Fashion course is made directly in Milan with Valeria. This last training step allows students to obtain the Final Diploma signed by V)OR Academy, only if the student has attended the entire training V)OR Academy.

Alternatively to the entirely attendance to the V)OR Academy, the students may purchase the courses individually with the exception of Base 1 and Base 2 which are complementary and must be purchased together. You may also purchase the Base 1 and Base 2 together with Beauty or Wedding.
E.g. Base 1 + Base 2 + Wedding.

Remind that only the full training (all 5 courses) allows the student to have the V)OR Academy Diploma, individual courses entitle to participation certificates only. 
For each course there is a specific kit of products that has a dedicated price only valid for the academic period.


3 DAYS – 450,00€ (Tax included)
3 DAYS – 450,00€ (Tax included)

3 DAYS – 450,00€ (Tax included)

2 DAYS – 300,00€ (Tax included)

1 DAY – 300,00€ (Tax included)

1.950,00€ (Tax included)


Each course has a different product kit, one for the Base 1 and 2, one for the Beauty, one for the Wedding and one for Fashion.

If the student attends the entire academic training (all 5 courses), the products received for each step create the complete kit avoiding duplicates of the same products and allowing to the student itself having at the end of the training a complete bag.


1. For each single course at least a minimum of 4 participants;
2. The purchase of a Smart Box (76 pieces total) to be held in place for the lessons;
3. Attending the free training directly in Milan to become V)OR Ambassador;
4. Stick severely to the program as course notes.

By signing the contract with V)OR Academy, the Ambassador will make use of the V)OR Brand name, according to the contract related to terms and use of the Brand name included; if the teacher does not perform its task in accordance to the signed rules, he/she will be stripped of the V)OR Ambassador title and indisputably the contract will lapse.


V)OR Academy recognizes to the V)OR Ambassador:
– A percentage of 60% up to 4 students and 70% from the 5th student onward for the first 4 Academy courses;
– A percentage of 40% up to 4 students and 30% from the 5th student onward only on Fashion course held in Milan directly by Valeria Orlando.

At the end of each training course, each Ambassador will receive the payment as reported in the commissions.
The initial cost to start the activity is the purchase of the V)OR Pyramid with 76 products.


By purchasing 3 retail pieces for single type included in the V)OR Pyramid, the retailer will receive for free another retail piece for each type (71 pcs.), with the exclusion of the accessorizes.


If interested, send us an e-mail to info@vormakeup.com to receive more details.

Follow the VOR Ambassador team and find more about academy location and new date!

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