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We wish you a VORy merry Christmas + Happy New Year

Updated: May 10

The holidays are an opportunity not only to spend time with our loved ones, but also to show off a magnificent themed look!

Christmas is that time of year when we want to stop for a while, take time for ourselves and our loved ones. But at the same time, there is also one of the most hectic times of the year, made up of races to grab the last gifts, dinners and aperitifs with colleagues and friends to exchange good wishes. Well yes, let's talk about Christmas!

Whether you love it or experience it with little enthusiasm, Christmas is certainly a "rich" period, from every point of view.

The colors of Christmas

An authentic symbol of Christmas is undoubtedly the color red. Among the most fascinating colors of the chromatic spectrum, it exists in a myriad of warm and cold shades and gives an inimitable mix of seduction and energy to all looks. It is splendid combined with gold, especially on people who have a warm undertone, but also in combination with silver it gives its best, enhancing people with colder undertones.

VOR Make-up products for brilliant and unforgettable parties

What are the iconic and essential VOR Make-up products to create a perfect look these holidays? Without a doubt, our advice is to discover all the lip proposals and the red color!

The most sensual and daring combination is the one between the 04 Red lip pencil and the fabulous Red Pepper lip lacquer, characterized by an extra matte finish and very long wear.

We can also easily combine the 04 Red lip pencil with the delicious Tango 13 lipstick, with a pleasantly shiny finish. This lively red is perfect for a more youthful and carefree look, also suitable for informal Christmas dates. Furthermore, the lipstick's hydrating formula makes it soft and elastic on the lips, which are nourished, smooth and never dry. Those who want to show off a minimal chic look during the holidays can apply the VOR Make-up 04 Red pencil along the lip contour, blending it slightly inside, so as to enhance and emphasize the natural color of the lips. The final touch is a veil of VOR Make-up transparent gloss. A simple trick, but one that will definitely be effective!

We hope you have a peaceful holiday, in the company of your dearest loved ones... and with a touch of beauty by VOR Make-up!

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