• Set of 13 brushes with belt brush holder, includes: 1 Foundation Brush 1 Concealer Brush 1 Cat-tongue shaped Eye Brush Big (marten) 1 Cat-tongue shaped Eye Brush Medium (marten) 1 Cat-tongue shaped Eye Brush Small (marten) 1 Powder Face Brush (goat) 1 Medium Blush Brush (goat) 1 Angled Eyeliner Brush (marten) 1 Eyeliner Definition Brush (marten) 1 Eyebrows Brush 1 Pearl Eyeshadow Brush (Elephant paw) 1 Lips Definition Brush (marten) 1 Mascara Brush
  • Set of 2 natural hair brushes: Large Foundation Brush: is the key for the perfect flawless face, the best tools to apply V)OR Make Up foundation evenly without overdo product amount. Small Concealer Brush: allows you to reach small areas and cover little imperfections, blending V)OR Concealer evenly.

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