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Eyepencil White Beige, also called Banana is the key color for the forehead, chin and face; perfect as a highlighter! Precise when dry for graphic looks and defined eye liner, creamy and long lasting in warm-up mode. The most versatile of natural wood pencils in extra large format, 18 cm; perfect for classic and revolutionary uses. The pencils are all blendable and ideal for creating intense smokey eyes.

Ophthalmic test performed, hypoallergenic. 

Eye pencil White Beige

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  • Warm-up mode (heated): Use the lighter and let the magic begin! Melt the tip by heating it with the lighter for a few seconds, the color becomes creamy, intense and long lasting; Thanks to the waxes present, the applied color remains stable and long-lasting for many hours. All pencils can be used on the eyes and lips without distinction, especially for the pencil technique. Add Natural Lip Gloss for a brilliant effect! 

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