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Eccentric  like the creator of the brand, eye shadows also lend themselves to the most disparate uses. The eyeshadows are all watercolor, and each color becomes eyeliner or paint for a face painting, simply by adding water. Those who use VOR Make-up know that they will not be able to do without a small container to hold a few fingers of water: so simple but that for this make-up line represents the fundamental element to give life to the transformation!

The eye shadow formula, thanks to the high pigmentation, makes the color rendering in the application on the eyelid equal to what appears in the package.

Eyeshadow White

SKU: O17
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  • VOR Make Up eye shadows are suitable for multiple uses with a different effect every time.
    Wet / dry : By applying the eyeshadow with a wet brush, the color becomes more intense to play with color gradations and create graphic eyeliners.
    Gloss effect : By mixing it with  Natural Lip Gloss , a creamy matt or shimmer effect is obtained based on the starting finish of the nuance.  

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