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An entire life doing celebrity and women make up around the world takes to the next level the already eclectic Valeria Orlando. Make Up Artist first of all, Hair Stylist, Global Image Consultant and entrapreneur in high performance beauty industry.

V)OR Make Up is the synthesis of a million glazes, faces, colors, technique and arts, encapsulated in this make up company grown up on backstage and catwalks. Products remained in incubation for years inside Valeria’s make up bag, highlighting models for fashion editorials in the meantime.


5 years searching the perfect richly pigmented formula with a professional cosmetology chemist: almost 59% against italian competitors 12% and professional standards 30%.

Made in Italy and cruelty free

Are you sure to know how to appreciate cosmetics just reading ingredients list?

Each matter plays its game in decorative cosmetology, individually no one are dangerous for skin, exceeding in the mix could be less safe!

Silicons and parabens are alarming when, blended together, penetrate in to the skin until absorption, occluding pores, causing ageing and hypersensitivity. Cosmetics with allergens included are not suggested having allergies and intolerances.

V)OR Fluid Foundation have just one paraben inside, inert for pharmaceutical chemistry, essential to stabilize the cream side with the pure pigment one, it doesn’t any skin inconvenience. To be long lasting any professional product needs silicons, but not too much! Just one to make attractant composition molecules. Beewax and carnauba wax for the emolient part; no Isopropyl myristate inside or oils that could turn runcid neither.

Why the talc free formula?

Face products, even high end, contain white talc to bleach red/brown and yellow/brown getting a beige series. However, from cosmetological studies we have the proof that in 90% human colors are olive skin tones, 10% are more pinky instead: there is no real skin tone like “beige”!For this reason we find ourselves often in difficulty in choosing foundation or concealer, even when the shade is right in appearance, in the application appears the detachment.

Having deepened these studies, foundation has been enriched with a special pigment to reproduce melanin color and to level out complexion naturally. Thanks to the 7 different classifications and 24 colors, away from the ordinary undertone distinction, you can reach a range of 360 skin shades buy mixing. For professional use have few shades, but well-blendable, is essential rather than hundreds unfitting flacons.The result is a foundations and neutralizers range for full coverage base with small amount, light on skin and long lasting, even without primer and setting spray. Loose powder is recommended only with high termperatures.



If foundation and neutralizers are the V)OR Make Up flagship, necessary in make up artist’s pro kit, pencils are a must have for models, beauty editor and influencer.

Defined in dry use, creamy and long lasting in warm-up mode. Back from the start, the most versatile extra size natural wood pencil, suitable for basic uses and revolutionary ones.

Eccentric as Valeria, even the powders are multitasking. Eyeshadow and blush becomes eyeliner or painting for body painting only adding water. V)OR Make Up lovers knows that cannot do without a small water container: so simple, but the key element for cosmetics conversion.

To optimize the work make up artist need a customizable professional collection with compact size. Lipstick and lip balm are stackable and, thanks to the little pot, is suited for easily mixing and to make colors stack to carry in beauty bags for retouches.

Eyeshadows and blushes refill allow you to create palettes with your favourites colors, whitout any constraints on product space.

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