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The product is formulated to obtain colors that perfectly match all skin type, without natural tone changing in coating.



Is your skin particularly golden? During summer it become darker as amber or biscuit color? Here comes the sun! Your Solar color is among these, from the lightest to darkest

Lite Warm Beige
Medium Warm Beige

Warm Olive series
Golden Light series

Are your veins in great show, with the classic blue color, and your skin appears white or pink? At the first sunshine you become a burned king prawn? Goodnight moon! For your lunar skin:

Extra Lite Beige

Lite Olive 1,2
Natural Beige 1,2 (red hair)
Olive beige 1,2
Special olive 1,2

Do you have a medium/dark color even during the winter, but with dark circles? Under the sun instead of sunburn you seems like dark chocolate? Put your hands up babe! You’re part of the olivaster club!

Medium Beige

Olive Beige 3 e 4
Special Olive 3 e 4


1. Moisturize the skin with a cream suitable for the type (dry, mixed, greasy)
2. Let cream absorb
3. Measure 2 small spheres of Fluid Foundation, less than a complete dose by pressing the dispenser
4. Spread it with circular movements, from the center to outside, with clean hands, latex sponge or a brush.
5. Work on it until the product is completely dry
6. Do the tissue test: if the right amount has been applied tissue will be clean, otherwise tap on face and decrease the foundation in the next use
7. Fluid Foundation last all day without loose powder, event at high temperatures


To be able to use V)OR Make Up wisely, foundations most of all, are necessary color theory foundaments and product formulation training. Valeria Orlando for this purpose built courses  addressed to all professionals who intend to adopt the collection for their own make up studio.

This rich foundation formula is almost less of oils and rich in pigment, therefore be well dosed and worked with care. The lifespan is about 6 months, unlike the usual 2 of the other cosmetics and, even if it is a 30 ml bottle, is still a small investment that write off expenses with big performance and little size

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