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A perfect "return" makeup with VOR Make-up!

Updated: May 16

The holiday period is coming to an end, but we can carry the holiday atmosphere with us for a while longer. Just choose the right make-up for returning to the city!

Despite returning to the city, to work and daily tasks, we really don't want to give up the beautiful memories of the holidays. Both in our memory and on our skin! But how can we not lose that unique allure that summer gives us, between tan and skin with a healthy and radiant complexion? Just follow the advice of VOR Make-up to show off perfect homecoming makeup!

VOR Make-up trucco per rientrare in città

Perfect complexion with blush and powder

Whether we tan or not, it is undeniable that in summer the complexion is healthier and more radiant, so much so that we can give up our beloved foundation, an indispensable cosmetic during the rest of the year. A fortune to take into consideration, because it allows us to reduce the time needed to create our make up. So what should you use to enhance your sunkissed complexion? It is certainly advisable to emphasize the features with a clever play of blush and highlighters, so as to recreate the three-dimensionality of the face.

Let's not forget the powder, which is essential for keeping clarity at bay, even in the city heat. Thanks to its versatility, VOR Make-up powder can also be applied as a bronzer: just use it a shade darker than our natural complexion!

Cipria VOR Make-up

Eyes at center stage

Thanks to the season, we have more desire to experiment with eye makeup characterized by color and brightness. We advise you to leave the comfort zone of the "usual" black (which we love a lot), in favor of looks with a touch of green, blue or brown. The choice can fall either on the VOR Make-up waterproof and long-lasting eye pencils, or on the vast range of classic and baked eyeshadows, depending on whether you want to obtain a more or less evident result.

Ombretti cotti VOR Make-up

Matite occhi VOR Make-up

Naturally sexy lips

Among the reasons why we love return-from-holiday make-up is, as we said, the speed of execution! The holiday mood has not yet abandoned us, nor has the desire to show off flawless but more relaxed make-up. For this reason we can choose to combine the VOR Make-up lip pencils, with their creamy and long-lasting texture, with the transparent gloss, or apply one of the cream lipsticks, with a hydrating and long-lasting formula. Sensual, soft and pleasantly plumpy lips in just a few minutes. Word of VOR Make-up!

We wish you a pleasant continuation of the summer and a good return to work and we hope that our makeup tips will be useful to you!

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