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GIVE LOVE FIRST is the watchword that summarizes the philosophy of the brand. Beauty, for Valeria, means doing things with the heart, with passion and with enthusiasm.
Beauty not as an absolute value, imposed by canons extraneous to our spirituality, but beauty understood as a unique and inalienable prerogative, which belongs to all of us.
“I am convinced that the kindness of beauty will save the world from all that is ugliness, crippling of the soul and body; As well as all those stereotypes and impositions of an ephemeral and empty society. " The whole world of VOR Make Up , in addition to being densely populated with talents full of passion for their work, is a family, and as such the human relationship comes first.

A life spent making up celebrities and women from all over the world leads to the natural evolution of the already eclectic and volcanic figure of Valeria Orlando: first Make Up Artist, then Hair Stylist, Global Image Consultant and today an entrepreneur in high performance cosmetics.

VOR Make Up is the synthesis of millions of looks, faces, colors, technique and art, which Orlando has enclosed in the cosmetic house born right in the backstage of the catwalks.You remained in incubation for years in Valeria's trolley, the products created side by side with a chemical expert, they embellished the faces of models for fashion shows and editorials, only to see the light in 2012, when they were ready to blossom.

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If on the one hand there is a product designed to be ethically close to all women, on the other hand VOR Make Up represents the excellence of training.

An academic path that does not neglect any aspect of what technically a professional needs to deepen, and is a pass for the backstage of fashion and art catwalks and editorials.


The VOR Make-up brand by Valeria Orlando, completely made in Italy, contains a formula that is the result of 8 years of research, experimentation and studies, before being proposed to the market.
A formulation rich in pigments, almost 59% against 12% of the best Italian products on the market currently or 30% in the professional market.

This peculiarity allows with very little product to obtain a perfect base, in a few moments without the use of Primer (silicone complex) in the initial phase or fixers in the final phase, and also allows you to really modify the skin discolorations present on the face or body. in a scientific way thanks to the high percentage of pigments.

Free of parabens, petrolatum and silicones in the formulation of the neutralizer, fluid and cream foundation, 100% made in Italy, over 147 products on our e-commerce.

Thanks to in-depth studies, a particular pigment has been added to the VOR Make-Up compact foundation that reproduces the color of melanin and is therefore able to even out the complexion in an extremely natural way. Thanks to the 7 different classifications and 24 colors, well beyond the common distinction of undertones, it is possible to reach a range of 360 skin tones by mixing them together.

VOR Make-up foundations and neutralizers are produced with a special "Talc Free" formula in which talc is reduced to a minimum quantity and where instead the percentage of pigments is increased to the maximum, almost up to 60% against 30% of the usual professional formulas!

Result? Absolute fidelity in the visual reproduction of color and tone, with a yield of 360 different skin tones, an unsurpassed performance of the product that must be applied in very small quantities while ensuring a naturally covering result!

8 years of research in symbiosis with a chemical expert to create a perfect formula, rich in pigments: almost 59% against 12% of the Italian products currently on the market, and 30% of the professional standard.

The formulaVOR Make-Up:

less talc + pigment + waxes

In the Fluid / Compact Funds and Neutralizer categories, the presence of Talc in the formulation is negligible and / or absent. Of the 56/60% of pigments, Titanium Dioxide is present at least for 70% for dark phototypes up to a maximum of 95% for very light skin types up to "Albino". The percentage of dioxide is reduced up to about 50% for Somali skins up to 40% for Nigerian skins. The very high concentration of dioxide allows the three categories mentioned above to have very high protective properties from harmful rays, excluding all common esters that can cause sensitivity to the product, using only Alba, Carnauba and Candelilla wax.

Ultramarine Blue: Blue
Chromium hydroxide: Green
Iron oxide: Red
Iron Oxide: Yellow
Iron Oxide: Black
Titanium dioxide: White

Silicones and parabens can be considered harmful to the point of penetrating the skin causing clogging of pores, aging and allergies. The fluid, compact foundations and VOR Make-up neutralizers are free of these substances!

The search for refined, sensitive and biocompatible materials leads to a chemical and physical exploration of the characteristics of optimal performance of products in colors and tones.
For the emollient part, only alba and carnauba wax are used; isopropyl myristate and easily perishable and rancid oils are absent.

Creativity has always stimulated to refine tools.
A woman's face is embellished only thanks to a superb range of shades and invisible corrections, only possible for those who adrones the subtle play of pigments!

Water-repellent and usable in the wet & dry version. The use of powder is recommended only for the need for video shooting or in unfavorable weather conditions (very high temperatures)

Covering effect of extraordinary lightness, a Long Lasting formula, thanks to the very low dosage of oils (there are no isopropyl myristate that penetrates the skin, lanolin oil that clogs the pores of the skin and deteriorates easily, almond oil that easily rancid)
Full-color effect of incomparable effect in the eye shadows, lipsticks and blushes of the line.


Precise, defined and decisive when dry, creamy, soft and long-lasting in warm-up mode. A return to the origins, to the most classic meaning of pencil in natural wood, the most versatile that leaves room for traditional uses and even more for revolutionary ones.

As eccentric as the creator of the brand, even the powders lend themselves to the most diverse uses. Eyeshadows and blushes are all water-soluble, and each color becomes eyeliner or paint for a body painting, simply by adding water. Those who use VOR Make-Up know that they will not be able to do without a small container to hold a few fingers of water: so simple but that for this make-up line represents the fundamental element to give life to the transformation.

To optimize space and costs, a make-up artist expects a customizable professional collection that has small dimensions. Not surprisingly, lipsticks are born in the pot version and, in addition to taking up very little space, they can be stacked together for infinite combinations to be carried in the kit or even in a handbag for a retouch.

The magnetic palettes, eye shadows and blushes in the refill version allow you to create palettes with your favorite colors, without constraints on either space or type of product.

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