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Very light to pink skin (Nordic)



Medium to dark, for most of the world population (European)



From the Mediterranean complexion to the more pigmented one



From creole complexions to Senegalese.


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Is your skin particularly golden? and during the summer months it darkens taking on an amber or biscuit color? Here comes the sun! Your solar coloring is among them, from the lightest to the darkest
Are your veins on display, with the characteristic bluish color, and your complexion appears white or pink? At the first exposure to the sun do you become a fiery prawn? Goodnight moon! For your moon skin.
Do you start from a medium / dark color even in the winter months, but with dark circles on display? Under the sun, instead of being burned, you become dark chocolate? Put your hands up babe! Be part of the olive club!
Are you a mix of cultures and your skin is particularly pigmented? Are the colors of Morocco or the sunsets of Africa part of you? You don't fear the sun but do you need to even out your complexion? Black is put! Welcome Africa!


1. Moisturize the skin with a cream suitable for the type (dry, combination, oily)
2. Let the cream be absorbed.
3. With the help of the palette inserted inside the package, spread on the back of the hand, after cleaning, an amount of Fluid Foundation equivalent to a small sphere.
4. Place the amount previously taken in the center of the forehead, on the cheeks, on the sides of the mouth, on the chin and on the bridge of the nose.
4. Distribute it with circular movements, from the center outwards, all over the face, with clean hands, a latex sponge or a brush.
5. Spread well until the product is completely dry.
6. Carry out the test with a tissue: if the right amount has been applied, the tissue will be clean, otherwise dab and reduce the proportions of the primer in the next use.
7. The hold of Fluide Foundation is guaranteed to be left free of powder, even with very high temperatures.
8. For an even lighter version it is advisable, after having previously hydrated the skin, to mix a small amount of foundation with the same amount of moisturizing cream, to always have an amount comparable to a small sphere as before, the effect will be even lighter like a BB Cream.

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