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Foundation: an essential cosmetic!

If there is a product that has been able to evolve and accompany us in the creation and exaltation of our beauty, it is foundation. From around 3300 BC to today, this cosmetic product has been able to adapt to fashions and trends, going through even the most fiery revolutions in the world of fashion and beauty unscathed.

The first traces - it is appropriate to call them that - of "foundation" date back to the times of Ancient Egypt and as many testimonies of use can be found in documents dating back to Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome.

Of course, from "foundations" obtained through compounds of white lead (derived from basic lead carbonate) or chalk powder and fatty ingredients such as honey, times have changed a lot. Just as the motivations behind using foundation have changed. We went, in fact, from the search for a cosmetic that highlighted and increased the whiteness of the skin, to the search for a cosmetic that enhanced the natural color of the complexion. And why not, maybe it would make him appear sunkissed.

Fondotinta VOR Make-up

The proponent of this absolutely epochal change is Coco Chanel, as always a pioneer and revolutionary. The idea of beauty stops being represented exclusively by diaphanous and pale skin and becomes closer to reality. The times of true inclusiveness are still far away, they are the 1920s and the world of cosmetics, but not only that, is still firmly in the hands of white people, but healthy and colored skin is no longer a synonym of poverty.

A century after Mademoiselle Coco's revolution, foundation is still one of the best-selling and most used cosmetic products and is definitely in excellent health. And at the dawn of 2023, it has managed to transform itself into one of the most inclusive cosmetics by skin type, available colors and achievable results. "To each their own", we can say when talking about foundation: both for those who love more constructed and sculpted bases, and for those who prefer the no make up makeup trend to show their skin as naturally as possible.

We at VOR Make-up also love foundation madly for its versatility. This is why we have a complete range of fluid and compact foundations available, to meet the needs of the most diverse skin types. All our foundations are free of parabens, silicones and petrolatum. Each product is equipped with SPF to protect the skin from UV rays and can be used alone, or mixed with your daily moisturizer, to obtain a brighter and more natural effect.

Fondotinta compatto VOR Make-up

The VOR Make-up compact foundations are available in a range of 28 shades, from Alabaster 1 for very light and lunar skin to Golden Olive 8 and Dark Brown, for very dark skin with lunar and sunny undertones.

Fondotinta fluido VOR Make-up

VOR Make-up fluid foundations are available in 8 colours, from Extra Lite Beige and Goldenskin 1 for very light skin with lunar and solar undertones, to Goldenskin 4, for dark skin with sunny undertones.

We hope that whatever your skin type, you will always find pleasure in wearing makeup, in a more natural or bolder way. And that foundation is the ace in the hole to exploit with impunity when you want to feel even more beautiful and more beautiful than usual.

Discover the foundation best suited to your skin with SKIN TONE MATCH:

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