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Natural, Minimalist o Glowy: who are you?

Updated: May 13

Discover the three new VOR Make-up make-up sets, perfect also as gift ideas. Let us introduce you to Valeria Orlando's world of beauty!

Look in the mirror: would you define yourself as a person with a natural style or a minimalist one? Are you a bright and glowy person? Whatever your style, your personality and your taste in make-up is, VOR Make-up is here to make you feel even more beautiful!

VOR Make-up sets

Nude and colorful eyeshadows, fluid and compact foundations, eye and lip pencils, mascara and lipsticks. Nothing is missing in the VOR Make-up universe to create the perfect make-up!

However, we felt an absence. And that absence was the possibility of creating a truly effective make-up with a few selected products, already combined in very practical packages! Now you know what has led to the birth of the VOR Make-up make-up sets, perfect as gift ideas (maybe for the next Valentine's Day...are you listening to us, guys?), but also for approaching Valeria Orlando's idea of ​​beauty.

Natural, minimalist o glowy: which kind of person are you?

All you have to do is find out which person you are and which makeup kit suits your style!

VOR Light

Is your make up light and easy? So you're the right person for our VOR Natural make-up kit ! It includes our best-selling Baked Crème Caramel OC3 lighting baked powder for eyelids and face, along with our LG1 hydrating lip gloss, enriched with aloe. An essential duo to show off soft, full lips and a fresh, luminous complexion just in a minute.

Price: 39 euros.

VOR Minimal

What does it mean to be minimalist? If your make up looks are always sober and refined and you leave nothing to chance, well, we recommend the VOR Minimal makeup kit! Here's what you'll find: an eye pencil of your choice between black, brown, green and blue and the eyebrow pencil, the Black volumizing mascara and the Baked Crème Caramel OC3 eyeshadow-lighter.

Price: 60 euros.

VOR Glow

The perfect makeup set from VOR Make-up! VOR Glow is the must have for those who want a luminous and perfectly uniform complexion. And above all it is the essential kit for every glowy look lover! The kit contains three products: the Goldenskin fluid foundation (to be chosen in shades 1,2,3,4) for light to dark skin with warm undertones, the Baked Crème Caramel OC3 illuminating baked powder and the LG 1 hydrating lip gloss.

Price: 99 euros.

Discover more about VOR Make-up makeup sets on this page!

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