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Viva Magenta: how to do makeup in the Pantone 2023 color

The Pantone Color of the Year 2023 is ready to stimulate our creativity, taking us out of the comfort zone of nude colors

On December 2, 2022, we officially welcomed Pantone 18-1750, known around the world as Viva Magenta. The new Pantone Color of the Year 2023 is a magnificent combination of crimson red and blue, two cold colors that together give life to a vibrant nuance full of energy. Desaturated compared to pure magenta, Viva Magenta is a color that with its versatility lends itself to the creation of always different make-up, both discreet and more decisive and bold. Could 2023 be the year that will push us to leave the typical colors of our comfort zone?

Viva Magenta colore Pantone 2023
Credits: @pantone

VOR Make-up products for perfect Viva Magenta Pantone 2023 makeup

The products that cannot be missing in creating a perfect Viva Magenta make up are naturally lipsticks. What is more suitable for a make-up that sees crimson red as its absolute protagonist? Furthermore, following the trends that want the Pantone Color of the Year as the protagonist of our makeup is the perfect excuse to overcome shyness and show off lips that take center stage!

Lip laquer VOR Make-up Strawberry

The highlight of our Viva Magenta themed make up can be the Strawberry lip lacquer, with a matte velvet finish. The formula contains hydrating and antioxidant vitamin E, for a long-lasting feeling of comfort for our lips.

The color is uniform and full, for lips that attract attention and glances! Equally seductive is the Red Pepper lip lacquer, a primary red with timeless charm. The protagonist of every look if used alone, in combination with its Red lip pencil it allows you to obtain an even more defined and precise result.

Lip laquer VOR Make-up Red Pepper

We always stay on the topic of lip make-up, but with proposals for those who prefer a bright finish and softer colours. The Violet and Tango pot lipsticks are the must-haves of the moment, to be used alone or mixed together to obtain the perfect Pantone Color of the Year 2023 shade.

VOR Make-up rossetto Violet

VOR Make-up rossetto Tango

Although it gives the best in lip make-up, Pantone 2023 Viva Magenta can also prove to be an unexpected ally in eye make-up! The color we chose for a Viva Magenta style look is Living Coral, which the most attentive people will also associate with the beautiful official Pantone of 2019. With a strong warm and orange accent, it partly deviates from the pink component of Viva Magenta, but it is one colors destined to make sparks during the beautiful season of 2023! Thanks to the pigmentation of 57.9%, this eyeshadow offers a uniform, full and faithful color rendering from the first pass on the eyelid. Furthermore, it is an extremely versatile product, as it can also be used wet for an even more intense colour, or mixed with lip gloss, for a more sophisticated look with an editorial flavour.

Ombretto VOR Make-up Living Coral

We hope that our tips for Pantone Viva Magenta themed makeup with VOR Make-up products have been useful and inspiring to you! To find out more about the VOR Make-up world, visit the website

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