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Complementary color for  special effects  . This foundation is very useful both for special effects such as burns or scars or on afro skins it is particularly suitable for recreating a cream blush effect that will produce a very beautiful and natural color on African skins, alternatively it can be mixed with other funds for very skins. dark, African American ethnicities to create custom undertones.

We remind our buyers that the colors marked with the number 1 and 2 of each series have an anti UVA sun protection factor, between 50 and 40 SPF while the numbers 3 and 4 between 30 and 20SPF, based on the protection capacity natural of darker skins.

Waterproof, long lasting, hypoallergenic. Our compact foundations are free of parabens, silicones and petrolatum, which can also be used during radio and chemo therapy cycles and after aesthetic medicine interventions.  such as lasers, acids and in general on any occasion in which the skin needs to be protected from the sun and light.

To find the right color for your complexion, we remind you that on the site there is the Skin Tone Match section, where it will be possible to perform a test before purchasing and eliminate a few too many colors. Seeing is believing!

compact foundation-special color-Sun Burne

Sales Tax Included
  • Matte |  Texture : creamy compact |  Size : 18.5 g 

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