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It's not magic. It's Psycho Seasonal Color Analysis!

Updated: May 14

We asked the founder of VOR Make-upValeria Orland if the four seasons of Color Analysis can be enough to describe the color universe of every woman.

“Which one is your season?” is almost a common question like "how are you?". For a long time now, color harmony and colors have ceased to be a discipline appreciated and loved only by fashion enthusiasts, to become one of the most popular topics of conversation.

Summer Soft women, Bright Spring, Deep Winter or True Autumn ones often discuss their analyses and wardrobe changes, but also the beliefs they had before meeting their image consultant. For example "black looks good on everyone", but also to the fear of wearing bright colors even though we unconsciously realize they look flattering on us. We must say color is ever-present in our lives.

The real question is: even tough we list every subcategory, are the four seasons enough to describe and define a woman? According to the VOR Make-up founder, image consultant and beauty director Valeria Orlando, seasons and their subcategories are not enough.

The beginning of Psycho Seasonal Color Analysis

"In my experience, analyzing only the external colors of a woman is not enough. Surely a woman is made up of her external colors and what enhances her, both in clothing and in make-up, but not only. Above all, every woman is made also of her personality and her inner world. And their colors are equally important when you are analyzing a woman".

"I approached the concept of personality colors during the pandemic times. Like everyone else in this world, I found myself with a lot of free time, which I spent to study and delve deeper into topics that were close to my heart. The seasons, for me, are way too limiting. I already take into consideration six macrogroups to begin with, because I consider people as light, intermediate and dark, but also solar (hot) and lunar (cold). And trust me, even this wasn't enough. I have often wondered: what if every woman's personality itself had a color?

"All the people who know me well enough also know that colors have always been essential in my life.

Fashion has always been the closest to my heart, but since I was little I've been lucky enough to have been sourrounded by art. From cinema, to exhibitions, to ballet, artistic expression is still an integral part of my life, so much so that much of my make up work is artistic too. In the past I found myself going from almost exclusively black and rigorous outfits - very "Milanese", so to speak - to a world full of colors. Given that my inner self was bursting with colors, they emerged as a result.

During these years, when I began to delve more and more into the concept of psycho-harmochromy, I realized that happened the same to many women. There is often an unconscious fear of bringing out the true colors of our self."

"I have explored the topic in depth by studying Max Luscher's color psychology and I apply his concepts during cognitive interviews with my clients. Talking about personality certainly colors means investigating a person's intimacy, so it's important to approach each other with the utmost respect. In the end, when you find the perfect combination between external and internal colors, well, that's the real magic. Or as I always say, it's not magic, it's Psycho Seasonal Color Analysis!

Discover more on Psycho Seasonal Color Analysis and watch Valeria Orlando's analysis here.

Psycho Seasonal Color Analysis Masterclass

Valeria Orlando will hold the first masterclass on Psycho Seasonal Color Analysis on March 24-25th in the Milan VOR Academy, Via Gola 4.

Participants will attend to theroetical lessons and interview simulations.

For further infomation click here.

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