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Hi, I'm Valeria.
I am a Beauty Director, Image Consultant, Armocromista, Makeupartist and Hair Stylist Valeria Orlando has been defined as one of
most creative makeup artists in the fashion and art industry. She went up to
prominence in the early 1990s as Donatella Versace's Personal Make-up Artist, and has since collaborated with numerous major fashion brands and photographers, including Mario Testino, Steven Klein, Gian Paolo Barbieri, Eolo Perfido, just to name a few .
First Make Up Artist, then Hair Stylist, Global Image Consultant,
Beauty Director, Key Artist and for some years entrepreneur in the
high performance cosmetics, with its VOR Make-up line.
A life spent doing makeup for celebrities, models and women from all over the world
world leads to the natural evolution of the already eclectic and volcanic figure of Valeria Orlando. My entrepreneurial journey.


Personalized Armocromia session
Image Consulting
Self make up
Individual and group makeup course.


Color matching

Color Analysis is a discipline that allows, through the analysis of the 4 elements that make up the DNA of our image: skin, eyebrows, eyes and a person's natural hair color, to identify a palette of shades capable of enhancing and enhance the natural colors of the face, making you appear instantly more
beautiful, fit and young. Valeria Orlando, breaks away from the well-known 4 seasons rule and refers to 6 main categories of groups
chromatic starting from the typology: light, intermediate and dark and subdividing these 3 elements successively taking into consideration the undertone: solar and lunar. To this he adds a protocol which, in addition to taking into account what has just been said, focuses attention on a fundamental element forgotten by all: the personality of every woman and in its analysis adds the study of colors
of the IO, indispensable, according to the beauty director, to be able to establish even more precisely the true colors that are friends of every woman

Image Consulting

Taking care of your image and your style means not only
check the visual impact caused on others but also
learn to feel safer and more at ease: seeing yourself well helps you feel good.
It is a fact that when we broadcast all these signals
positive, our interlocutors are instinctively more willing to
listen to what we want to say and appreciate ourselves more like
people and as professionals. Our looks are the best
business card that talks about us. Give it value in the most way
possible staff is essential not only to do good
impression on others, but above all to communicate our own
value and our distinctive qualities, both in the private sphere and in
the professional one. Our image is the key to
communicate immediately what we are and what we are worth

Self Make-up

Learn to make up alone or in the company of your friends! Find out which colors and shapes enhance your face in simple steps; Discover your friends colors, learn to combine them and feel fully centered on yourself! Armocromy is the science with which you discover which colors allow you to have a perfect complexion, which are the shades with which you can create the looks that enhance your beauty! Three individual or group lessons (max 6 people)

Beauty business routine:

1 day event with Valeria Orlando

The service includes color matching advice, the duration and quantity of color matching is defined together with the company. Packages with a minimum of four people, personalized needs will be taken care of individually upon request. After the session it will be possible to purchase the recommended Vor Make-Up products with a ten% discount reserved for you.

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