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VOR Make-up wedding: guide to VOR style wedding

Updated: May 12

June is a month much loved by those who decide to get married. Here are the beauty tips by VOR Make-up to show off flawless make-up suitable for the occasion

An overdose of love, as the Italian singer Zucchero would say, is hitting the month of June! A month that spouses really like, for its combination of heat, favorable climate and pre-holiday atmosphere. But it's not just the newlyweds who like it, we can assure you. We at VOR Make-up also love it very much, because we love taking care of brides' looks!

VOR Make-up trucco matrimonio

Every wedding is a universe in itself, made up of a myriad of elements that must blend in perfect harmony, to create a perfect ceremony and party that represents the tastes of the spouses. The importance of the location, of the wedding planning service, the search for dresses, the choice of flowers, decorations, lights and mise en place are ingredients of fundamental importance, as we had the opportunity to see and discuss during the Bridal Luxury Wedding Experience of month of April. But for us, of course, make up is also very important!

VOR Make-up x LoveNozze

VOR Make-up x LoveNozze

Drawing on our experience in the luxury wedding sector, we have identified what we believe to be the must-haves for summer bridal makeup by VOR Make-up: foundation, lighter, lipstick and mascara. 4 products that cannot be missing to create an impeccable bridal look, with a fresh, elegant and contemporary taste.

The first product can only be the foundation. Whether compact or fluid, it is the fundamental element for a perfect base. VOR Make-up foundations are waterproof, cruelty free, vegan and free of ingredients potentially harmful to the skin. Furthermore, they can also be used after aesthetic and medical treatments, including chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions. Because beauty, for us, is always within everyone's reach. To choose the right color, we remind you that there is a Skin Tone Match section on the site, where it will be possible to carry out a test before purchasing.

Highlighter is also a product that we consider fundamental in building a bridal look. The VOR Make-up Caramel lighter is so versatile that it can be used not only for creating highlights on cheekbones and Cupid's bow, but also as an eyeshadow. Those who want to give themselves a soft glow can apply it dry, while those who don't want to give up more obvious make-up can apply it wet, for an extraordinary result and a metallic foil effect: try it!

Lips are an element not to be overlooked even in the height of summer! If the lip tints are too much in the warm months, no problem. VOR Make-up pot lipsticks are the perfect solution for an elegantly natural and chic lip make-up. The formula is enriched with vitamin E to keep lips hydrated for a long time, while the soft and creamy texture is comfortable and elastic on the labial mucosa.

Last, but certainly not least, is mascara, the magic wand for our eyes! Our Black mascara makes lashes very black and shiny, with its vinyl finish. The formula based on natural waxes and resins is carefully designed to visibly lengthen and volumize the lashes, without weighing them down. Our advice is to apply several coats of mascara, leaving about a minute to pass between one application and another. This way it will be easier to distribute the product and obtain a dramatic but perfectly tidy result.

We hope that our guide to the VOR Make-up wedding will be useful to you and, if you are close to getting married, we send you our congratulations and best wishes for a wedding full of beauty and love!

VOR Make-up

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