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MFW ss24VOR Make-up for Gianluca Alibrando

Updated: May 16

In the magnificent location of Palazzo Visconti, which usually hosts the fashion shows organized by Emerging Talents Milan, on Tuesday 19 September at 7pm, Gianluca Alibrando presented his new collection "Maria 100"; an elegant and refined tribute, in memory of the centenary of the birth of the divine Maria Callas.

Gianluca is a Sicilian couture designer, who certainly does not lack creativity, high tailoring, taste and refinement!

Each of his collections is studied with care and attention, both in the tailoring cuts and in the search for fine fabrics, it is impossible not to be captivated by the vision of his presentation; In fact, the collection presented yesterday left the public enraptured and enthralled as each individual item, divided by colour, passed by, where pure white, black, gold and red dominated the catwalk, enhancing the silhouettes of the models and capturing the attention of the women present, who will certainly have wanted to wear an item by Gianluca!

As Beauty Director, my job is to create the image around the designer's collection, thinking about the makeup and hairstyle to match the models wearing the collection; when I received Gianluca's mood and saw the garments, it came naturally to me to sit in my studio in front of my face chart to create, turn on the music, listen to one of the many famous songs sung by the divine Callas and let my creativity go!

To the tune of Casta Diva, listening to the unique warbles of the soprano and observing her in some videos of the time, for the hair I proposed 3 different looks based on the lengths and nature of the models' hair, 2 looks that are modern but which recover classic shapes of the 40s/50s and for the make-up, thinking about Callas's eyes, in particular the use of eyeliner which made some images of the divine unforgettable, the make-up I proposed to the designer took shape.

A light and luminous base for the face accompanied by glossy but natural lips, a defined and very long eyeliner like the infinite extension of her voice and a well-groomed eyebrow, modern, wild but at the same time with a slightly retro connotation, were the strengths of the make-up I proposed;

Products used:

VOR Make-up compact and fluid foundations

E.L. Black

Eyeshadow Burgundy

Creme Caramel baked eyeshadow

Eyebrows pencil n 8

Lip pencil n. 5

Lipgloss Natural

Mascara Black

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