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VOR Make-up and blush: a love story!

Updated: May 10

Blush is one of our great loves and we admit it with pride. That's why we created so many colors to choose from!

Those who know us and have followed us for a long time know that for us there are certainly no "children and stepchildren" when it comes to make up. However, allow us a weakness: we love blushes! The very feminine habit of applying rouge to the cheeks, the touch of color that gives freshness to the complexion and all the make-up, is absolutely indispensable for us. Beyond irresistible!

This may be why VOR Make-up has 16 blushes in its range to choose from!

Brief history of blush

Blush, also commonly known as fard or rouge, has kept us company for a very long time. The first evidence of the existence of this cosmetic dates back to the Egyptians! Even in ancient Greece and ancient Rome it was customary to apply this cosmetic on the face, obtaining it from mixtures of pigments, powders and creamier bases. Although it may seem incredible to us, in ancient times blush also served as a primitive protection against the sun rays.

Over the centuries blush has lost some of its fame. The women of the nobility did not wear it because it would have given rise to the belief that they spent time outdoors and exposed to the sun. In a world where exposure to the sun and darkening meant working hard, pale skin was a symbol of wealth!

Religion also contributed to the decline of blush, which saw the redness on the cheeks certainly not as a sign of good health, but of immodesty and malice. A woman who blushes may not be as shy, chaste and virtuous as she is required to be: banish her, therefore, to any accessories and cosmetics that can make her appear less than angelic!

Since the 1920s, fortunately for us, blush has become increasingly popular again. From the bonne mine effect of the 50s and 60s to the bold and decisive applications of the 80s, it can be said that we have never stopped using it

Blush today: how we use it in VOR Make-up

Today blush is an authentic must that we at VOR Make-up would never give up! We use them in a variety of ways. For a more natural result we apply the blush with a soft and thick round brush, or we use an angled brush to give greater emphasis to the cheeks and lift them upwards. Just like VOR Make-up eyeshadows, blushes can also be used dry and wet. In this case, the color will be much more intense and decisive, perfect for looks with an artistic taste.

We use the most delicate and rosy colors such as Pink, Lady and Mauve on lighter skin tones to give light to the entire face. Pink, in fact, is a color with a strong illuminating and refreshing power, perfect for removing signs of tiredness!

The indispensable Natural, Coral and Peach blushes also give us a naturally radiant complexion, ideal for light and sunny complexions. The feeling of spring on the skin and the beauty of a complexion warmed by a day outdoors are what inspired us!

Our powders, however, are also highly appreciated for their versatility. Why not also use them for flawless but natural contouring, far from the clean, marked and artificial lines of social makeup? In this Warm Cocoa and Earth are certainly the best choice. Sahara, Summer and Almond are perfect when used as bronzers in any season of the year.

Color, originality and elegance in our opinion can coexist perfectly. Some of our favorite blushes demonstrate this to us: the very bright Youthful, for the most imaginative souls; the darker and warmer rosé of Valery, signature of our founder Valeria Orlando and the sophisticated Terry, with a slightly colder accent.

VOR Make-up blushes are free of petrolatum, silicones and nickel. Furthermore, they are ophthalmologically tested to also be used as eyeshadows. Like all the other products of the brand, they are cruelty free, made in Italy and certified for oncology use.

To find out more, we leave you with a little video that tells the story of the world of VOR Make-up blushes!

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